LED Light Therapy

What is LED light therapy?

​LED is an acronym for light emitting diode. These are very small semiconductors that emit light when a current is passed through it.  In the past few years, specialised therapeutic LEDs that have extra luminescence emitted through a very specific wavelength band, have been used for the purpose of skin rejuvenation. Unlike laser or IPL, LED therapy is non-invasive and non-thermal, requiring no recovery time after treatments. Also LED phototherapy involves the use of continuous light rather than pulses of light.

Different wavelengths of LED can be used to target various skin conditions from acne to ageing skin. Each wavelength will penetrate a different depth and have a different effect on the skin.

What is LED light therapy used for?

Red Light LED therapy is used for skin rejuvenation, to reduce inflammation, and to improve healing, for example, post-MicroNeedling.

Blue light LED therapy is used to improve acne and prevent breakouts by killing the acne-causing bacteria. Also, blue light penetrates deep to treat cystic acne


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